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Spritz (also known as Stucco) is a technique of applying plaster mixture for homes and buildings, both interior and exterior.
The Spritz is an acrylic, water based material made of cement and glue. We apply it by spraying the layer on the walls that gives it a rough 3d surface, similar to a cottage cheese like texture. This technique is also used for acoustic ceilings and insulation.
​This method has been very popular in home design around the world. Nowadays, it is considered an old fashion look, and has made way for new methods and new technologies.
​By using this method, we receive a lighting fixture with a 3d texture that creates a game of lights and shadows on the surface. There is an ongoing respect for a piece of nostalgic design that is slowly disappearing from the world. 

Designed by Yuval Tzur 
Photos by Ido Adan