Brutal Restaurant by Sergey Makhno & Alexander Kovpak

This modern interior is an alternate story for the old Soviet building where the restaurant is located in. We didn't want to create new in old, but highlighted old in  new. We renewed blue ceiling beams and let technical communications step to the center. A nonfunctional space column was converted into a big refrigerator that now separates the bar from main zones.
 “Perfection is a bad decision to make. It’s not an idyllic-looking restaurant. It’s a restaurant with a character”, says Sergey Makhno. Lightly-scratched tiles, vintage leather, rough wooden surfaces were the things to create the savor of the interior.
The interior design edges on industrial brutalist aesthetics and art of decorative light. The owners allowed us to experiment and we brought together wood, steel, copper and leather. In a slightly wild manner, softening the atmosphere with handmade lamps created by Sergey Makhno. 

The restaurant consists of two zones. The first is a lounge space with soft light where the only thought is “to relax”. The second is contrary brighter, with the atmosphere of fast food place where you want to eat quickly, but with comfort. The main task from the owner was to organize the space reasonably, and 120 m2 can welcome 75 people.
A fireplace zone is the special place with a sleeping mood. Ideal, if you want to escape yourself. We decorated this zone with exclusive Makhno’s tiles and a giant lamp named “Jellyfish”. Continuing the overall color palette, it’s natural-toned filled with brownish hues of textures.

Designed by Sergey Makhno & Alexander Kovpak 
Photos by Andrii Shurpenkov