Rocket Coffee Table by Stelios Mousarris

Designer description: 

"Ever since I was a little boy, I loved playing with action figures and spent my weekend mornings watching cartoons on the TV. I have been collecting toys and action figures and anything nostalgic from my childhood until this day.
Every time I take a look at my collectibles I remember my childhood, when I used to play for hours on end without a care in the world.
I wanted to recreate that feeling of carefreeness and nostalgia with the Rocket Coffee Table.
The design is visually playful bringing cartoon-like clouds and aerial rockets from a personal toy collection to life, in the form of a table.
Combining various techniques from lathe to 3d printing, resin casting and traditional hand curved pieces, this table is fashioned to draw a smile on the face of nostalgic adults, children, and children trapped in adult bodies. 
The rockets are not attached to the glass giving the opportunity to each owner to form their own desired structure of the table." 

Designed by Stelios Mousarris