Handmade Italian Tableware by Punto Soave

Punto Soave's creations include appetizers, first course and second course plates, breadbaskets and pitchers. The aim is,  not only, to enhance the presentation but even the taste of a chef’s dishes. By having plates that can be made-to-measure based on a specific dish is not only original but can also enhance all senses, creating a unique and encapsulating dining experience. Punto Soave strives to examine and value all relevant ideas and solutions to complement a chefs inspiration and creativity. Essentially, Punto Soave will become a 'tailor' for chefs offering solutions for their every need when it comes to food presentation. Punto Soave's products are extraordinary, as well as functional, and useable even by everyday cooks and food lovers. 

Punto Soave has created the perfect marriage between manufacturing design and culinary tradition. Its ultimate mission is to create and provide a made-to-measure solution for chefs using the long history and knowledge of Italian artisans  just as a tailor would create the perfect dress.  That is why Punto Soave likes to define itself as the tailors of taste! 

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