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This family home is an example of a modern design filled with natural light and building blocks comprised of sustainable material – in this case wood, one of the if not the most strategic material of Slovenia . It's definitely not a typical prefabricated house out of catalogue as we tried to develop a residence that meets the needs of modern users while having functional floor plans and contemporary elegant exterior all appropriately settled into its landscape. 
Main concept presents three volumes that are placed in a triangular composition partially overlayed with a rectangular form of the upper floor. While the dynamic shape of the groundfloor is covered with a flat roof, the 1st floor is completed with a gable –like roof, echoing the traditional architecture of the house's surroundings. 
While we enter into an open spacious and dynamically shaped groundfloor we discover a pleasant intimate ambience. The living room and dining area offer a lot of natural light through the large glazed window surfaces. A prominent staircase leads us to the upper sleeping area that consists of the main bedroom with its own dressing room and a bathroom and children's rooms with a smaller bathroom. 
Despite groundfloor's dynamic shape, its façade is monochrome - predominately a clean white surface in combination with bigger windows. On the contrary the simple form of the upper floor has a boldly designed façade - a combination of dark colour shades and natural larch wood’s textures. 
Wood is the basic structural element and at the same time complements the facades, window frames, while also dominating the interiors.  

Designed by SoNo Architects   
Photos by Aljoša Videtič