Intel-i-Mouse by Matej Procházka

This design concept is based on a idea ‚all-in-one‘ PC. The device works as a computer mouse with built-in ergonomic bluetooth stylus. The mouse itself is bit bigger, but still in ergonomy in mind for comfortable everyday use. The unique feature is a touchscreen replacing a common scroll wheel, able to signal various actions with its LED diods. The heart of PC is a phone with Intel® processors. The phone is then inserted into the mouse and connected by a micro USB connector. The performance is multiplied by additional processor and Intel® technology placed right in the mouse. The phone camera lens and thus works as a sensor. The front part contains perforations for speaker and microphone. The mouse connects through the same cable interface as the Intel Compute Stick, through which also recharges. Software and applications are transfered from the mobile phone. The device can include other possible features as a headphone jack, memory card reader, USB hub etc. The colours correspond with Intel® logo.
Concept was created for: Intel® product competetion 2015

Designed by Matej Procházka