Hakuba Ski Villa by Bakoko

Located in the Northern Japan Alps, the town of Hakuba is one of Asia’s top ski destinations. It was the main venue of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics and receives over 10 meters of snow each ski season. Wadano Peaks is a development of three villas located in the wooded enclave of Wadano, along the edge of a treelined ridge. The site offers spectacular views of snowy Mt. Karamatsu and is situated adjacent to Happo-One, one of the largest ski resorts in Japan.

In order to maximize views of the mountain and to gain plentiful natural sunlight, the main living room is located on the second floor of the property. This creates the bright and airy impression of being amongst the trees. Fortunately, the spectacular southwesterly views coincide with the solar aspect, contributing passive heat energy throughout the winter season. 100mm-thick wood fibre exterior insulation provides an additional layer to retain this heat within the home.

Since groups typically come to stay in the home, the modern island kitchen is designed for entertaining, with a 10-seat dining table. The living space features a full-height glazing with a suspended fireplace and a generous open lounge. 

A home to enjoy in all seasons, outdoor terraces on each level are sheltered from snowfall by a peaked metal-clad roof, which folds down over the sides of the home to protect it from snow and moisture. The double-height dining terrace adjoins the main living space and dramatically frames the picturesque outlook. Another third floor roof terrace features an outdoor fireplace, making it a cozy and atmospheric gathering spot, even on the chilliest of winter evenings.

On the ground floor, a spacious entry hall connects the built-in garage to a dedicated ski storage and drying room. The ground floor also features a large Japanese-style communal bath and Swedish sauna for luxuriating with travel companions after a full day of skiing. There are en suite bathrooms and dressing rooms within each of the four bedrooms.  

Designed by BAKOKO