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ETW is a family business that started years ago creating wooden world maps and today they are bringing this home décor to higher levels. In the past seven years their wooden maps brought joy in lot of homes. Enjoy The Wood maps are unique and beautiful piece of décor in every interior. They remind us of our past travels and adventures and they make plans for our next journeys. ETW is not creating wooden piece full of dust in your home, but timeless quality piece of art. If you are a fan of wood and natural look, this is the right piece of décor for you. The latest magical thing that came out from ETW is the first 3D luminous colored wooden world map. This map glow in the dark and your memories are becoming brighter and your future plans colorful. The map has 18 new colors, luminescence effect, magnetic feature and new LED backlight. With ETW innovative printing technology, they can offer highest resolution, incredible precision and details. Now, when the map can glow in the night, the darker it is, the brighter it shines. The paint charges during the day and then can glow up to two hours at night. The new map also holds magnets so you can keep the best memories displayed on your wall. You can change your world map's LED backlight colors effortlessly with Enjoy The Wood's mobile app. Choose from seven light modes and a few funky twinkle modes, or leave the backlights off to enjoy the map bare and beautiful. The backlights can be installed in under 2 hours with an instructional video to help you along the way. 

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