“Ataraxia” Vases by Felix Pöttinger x Rosa Kammermeier


"Ataraxia” is an hand-made series of vases born out of the designers’' reflections on resilience and vulnerability in times of crisis. The collaborative project between Illustrator Rosa Kammermeier and Designer Felix Pöttinger has its form rooted in their personal experiences during the pandemic and its impact on well-being.

The bold geometric structure and the floating, fragile and almost liquid shape it supports, together, serve as the piece’s main structure.

The color palette with its rich & playful tones sets the mood of the story and the motifs place emphasis on a pictorial human perspective. Their saturated colors and brushed, imperfect gradients sit in contrast with the controlled, bold illustrations. The surfaces of the vases are a dialogue between those two contrasting shapes, telling a story about emotional balance. While embracing one’s own vulnerability, these drawings carefully navigate between the human urge to move forward and the stagnation during the pandemic.

Designed by
Felix Pöttinger x Rosa Kammermeier