Cabin Nordmarka by Rever & Drage

There is a long standing tradition for the small retreat in architecture. Historically this kind of building has served as a shelter whilst doing other recreational activities such as hiking, hunting or fishing. Since the days of Thoreau's Walden however, the small retreat, or bolthole, has also been a goal in itself. Typically to escape the stresses of everyday life. For the modern city dweller this may well be a permanent urge. This small cabin in Nordmarka, Oslo's immediate wilderness, fits well within the tradition of boltholes. It contains the most necessary features, but not much more. It is easy to keep clean and easy to maintain. It is light and open, but also intimate and cosy. Beyond the cosiness and the strictly practical, the effort has been mainly focused on the qualities of the site, including a serious commitment to the main view with sunset, woods and lakes.

Design: Rever & Drage 
Photography: © Tom Auger