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Architects were inspired by wisely invented name of the store – combination of apples from Apple company and a name of the owner –Adam. Main theme of this interior became fruits and everything that goes with them. The typical store exhibition counter was replaced by a mobile stall, build from wooden frames. The customer service point was done similarly, as a big wood counter on wheels. Wooden boxes, usually used for selling fruits, this time were placed on the store's walls as an exposition. Along the huge windows the designers placed a long, comfortable bench with pillows that makes the interior warm and provides a place to relax while shopping. Since paper bags are used for packaging apples, the architects came up with an idea to use them as a part of the installation on the walls. Duplicated and overlapping, the paper bags create a distinctive and at the same time raw and ecological detail. 

Design by mode:lina 
Photography by Marcin Ratajczak
Branding by MINIMA