12VoltRetreat Refuge designed by Mariana de Delás

12VoltRetreat - #1 Siurell is a case study pilot to renew a series of existing traditional sheds and shelters into temporary sybaritic outside dens sited in rural Mallorca. Throughout the island’s agricultural fields these traditional stone shelters were built to act as refuges (to take cover and or/rest) for hunters and shepherds and also act as storage units for labor tools. The simple local mares stone construction walls and the light ceramic + tile roofing plus the small size footprint they occupy,( they range from 5 to 20 sq meters) make them very recognizable across the island. Currently, many of them are in disuse but still keep the outside enveloping structure intact, with the added value that most of them are sited in idyllic locations.   

Designed by Mariana de Delás 
Built by 2MONOS Studio 
Photography © Tomeu Canyellas