Zucklight Sleep Box is a concept by Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg came up with the concept to improve his wife’s sleep and shared his idea in a
Facebook post.
Based on this idea the team developed Zucklight - a sleep box designed to help sleep through
the night without distractions.
Good night sleep is crucial for our health and well-being, but there are lots of people globally
who have fitful sleep. In fact, the latter can lead to a number of serious health issues such as
heart disease, depression, exhaustion, etc. Zucklight’s concept allows to get the most out of the
night rest in a simple, stress-free and effective way.
The sleep box emits a faint light of a certain color during specific periods of the night to notify
whether you can go back to sleep or it’s time to wake up. So if you happen to wake up at
midnight and see the light isn’t glowing, you can return to sleep without having to check the
time. The wake-up time is the glowing light time.
The intuitive app makes it possible to easily adjust the light color and its brightness to a
preferred time schedule.
Zucklight is available in 3 versions:
· Zucklight Lite, which has the light glowing and illumination option
· Zucklight Plus, which comes with a wireless charger
· Zucklight Pro, which comes with sensors such as humidity, temperature and CO2
Zucklight comes in 3 colors - Light Oak, Mahogany, White Aspen - to perfectly suit any
bedroom interior.
The sleep box can be pre-ordered on the campaign’s Kickstarter page with up to 50% off.