Tyche Apartment by CaSA Colombo & Serboli Architecture


The property occupies an art nouveau building of the Eixample district of Barcelona and was fully renovated by CaSA and Margherita Serboli to become the holiday apartment for an Italian family.
The original layout wasted considerable space and was poorly orientated. Its longitudinal distribution, forced by the transversal bearing walls, resulted in many densely separated small spaces, spared along a long corridor that isolated the two ends of the apartment.
The project is the result of a collaboration between CaSA and Architect Margherita Serboli.
The client’s brief was used a guideline: their wish was to have three double bedrooms and a home that would highlight and underline the early 1900 detailing of the building, through a design that using a contemporary language. 

Architects: Andrea Serboli, , Margherita Serboli, Matteo Colombo
Built by Alsamasa - www.alsamasa.com 
Photos by Roberto Ruiz