Trocadero Apartment designed by Rodolphe Parente

 The flat is located in the area of Trocadero in Paris and faces the Eiffel Towel. It is about 350 sqm and gets generous volumes with some existing decorative elements and features as decorative moldings, coffered ceilings, pediments and marble fireplaces. The main idea of this refurbishment was to propose sensible interventions while respecting the heritage character, emphasizing on the significance of volumes where a contemporary art and furniture collection would get all the recognition it deserves. Despite the singularity of the flat, there is a warm atmosphere that results from strong and ambitious stylistic choices such as the choice of noble materials. The association of the two main materials that are medal brass and Calacatta Caldia marble is a timeless signature that emphasizes the global coherence between spaces. 

Designed by Rodolphe Parente 
Photos by Olivier Amsellem