Travel smart with the Power Packer

Side by Side, a travel accessories brand launches their first product on Kickstarter: The Power Packer - the tech bag that organizes and carries cords, dongles, power adapters and tech peripherals. With the eve of new and improved laptops in the tech market, the need to carry around peripherals is ever-present. Side by Side addressed this need by creating The Power Packer. 
Designed as an accessory for travelers and laptop owners, the Power Packer holds an impressive amount of tech essentials in a slim package. It’s a versatile bag that pairs nicely with a minimal laptop sleeve or fits easily into any digital nomad’s backpack.  Anyone who carries cords and dongles can appreciate the form and functions built into the Power Packer. In addition to its slim design, it gives stylish travelers a simple way to switch between bags without leaving any necessities behind.
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