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The project is the extension and refurbishment of a very small detached house in Meudon, one of the nearest suburbs of Western Paris. The location is exceptional: the plot is on the hill offering fantastic views and facing a park.

The extension house was in a very bad condition but the owners had a sentimental attachment to it and didn't want to tear it down. 

The extension is twice the size of the existing house including a 20m2 terrace. The extension is a wooden structure with a zinc roof almost invisible from the garden. Both the extension and the existing house are wrapped with a vertical timber giving a continuous surface to the two volumes. The living space and the terrace are lifted a 2m above the garden level to match the existing house ground floor level and turning the terrace into promotory for a views. The bedroom and bathroom space is on a natural ground level on the back of the plot. The articulation of the extension creates two gardens for the house. The one in the back for the morning sun and the one in front, facing the park and south-west from the terrace. 

Designed by Cut Architectures 

Photos by David Foessel