The first levitating turntable by MAG-LEV Audio

Elegant, unique and innovative design is coming from MAG-LEV Audio. The experience of listening to your favorite record will be combined with the uplifting experience of levitation. 

The First Levitating Turntable visually enhances the experience of listening to vinyl records by levitating the platter. By joining our love for music with careful integration of technology and high-range audio components, we’ve created a turntable of the future for the medium of the past.  

The First Levitating Turntable is designed for people who appreciate high quality sound and innovative design. It comes with a Pre-Fitted tonearm and cartridge. This setup allows you to connect through phono in. Once you’re done, you just have to pick your favorite record, turn the turntable on, move the tone arm into position and lower the cueing lever. Then sit back, relax and enjoy. 

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