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Description from the designer: 

" Star Burger is our answer to the question «Can I eat a delicious burger in a restaurant with a delicious design?». The experimental project was implemented in a month. Following the client’s wish we based our visual strategy on the corporate colors – black and green.  A new restaurant combines classy feel with cozy one. One of the challenges was to create comfortable functional environment. Open and versatile space encompasses 2 floors. Depending on your emotional and hunger level you can choose place to seat. Classic American bar atmosphere is blended with unique design elements.150 light fittings designed by Sergey Makhno illuminate the restaurant. Like in an orchestra, there are lots of elements which embody harmonious composition. Suspension luminaires not only grab attention, but point out eating zones. Clay chandeliers are of different size and shape. The ground floor zones are more for socializing, while the second floor ones for relaxing. People conventionally call the second floor «family one». There are lots of soft zones there. Bespoke detailings were carefully selected. Couches are made according to our studio drawings. We did not overlap floors connecting them with «wooden portal». Due to this, the first one has additional light.  
Inspired by bees and soft natural lines, they demonstrate authenticity and connection with the environment. Another invention of the designer is a unique light wall which resembles a chemical lab inside the restaurant. In addition to this, it perfectly matches with an overall loft-like look of space.
Designed by Sergey Makhno Architects