Smart multi-use padlock with Blockchain technology

360LOCK a hardware and software product has launched their new multi-use padlock, which aims to guarantee the safety of motorbikes, bicycles and other valuable property through Blockchain technology.

Designed by 4storm startup, the 360LOCK is one of its various products and innovative solutions for IoT, outdoor and professional fields. With a unique smart electronic lock, manufactured with robust hardware that is shock, dust and water resistant; its additional features include RFID / Bluetooth technology, modular and a simple recharging portal through micro USB cable.

360LOCK promises a rechargeable battery enhanced with an energy saving system that allows users to  activate and deactivate the lock, to ensure a long cell life. With its robust structure, the padlock can be opened via an RFID bracelet or via Bluetooth connectivity, from a  personal smartphone or smartwatch device.

The padlock is also equipped with modular accessories, including a chain with folding steel rods for bikes and motorcycles and an additional case that transforms it into a portable safe shielded from radio waves, which can comfortably hold ATM cards, keys phones and documents. 

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