Scenic Ballade by HAO Design

From the architects: 

A better understanding of our clients' tastes enables us to more clearly envision what they need within their homes. In this particular case, the client, who yearned to live in a home with an expansive park view, contacted us during the pre-sale stage of an apartment in a new building to be constructed in the city of Pingtung and requested assistance for the design of their home. Mr. and Mrs. Hsu are very fond of the classic style, while their children prefer simple yet stylish decor. We endeavored to find middle ground by taking into account the different needs of each individual so as to formulate an all-encompassing design. This was how we proceeded: we started by identifying the apartment's strength, which is the beautiful park scenery just outside the window, and we considered how the Hsu family would enjoy it from all angles of their home. At the same time we attempted to fulfill everybody's needs in terms of their preferences for style.
Even though the "classic style" is typically associated with the complex and resplendent, we selected the spectacular view outside the window as our point of departure and gradually veered toward the decision to leave the entire interior space "blank." That is to say, we proposed to create an environment of serenity and comfort by employing pure white as the primary backdrop. To elegantly exhibit aspects of classical design, we utilized symbolic elements and simplified the complex lines by interpreting classical beauty with a modern approach. We chose white as the background color of the living room wall, to which we added European-style cornices. The original black window frames were replaced by round, arched windows in order to soften the space and to form a visual reference. We strategically arranged the placement of the dining table, lamps, sofas, all the way to the window seat, in a way so that they form a visual continuity extending toward the scenery outside the window. 

Designed by HAO Design 
Photos © Hey!Cheese