Ono Bikes

Electric bikes mostly have a similar aesthetic to them, with a standard slim frame and thick tires. Of course, there are exceptions to the typical design, like Ono Bikes’ newly unveiled Archont Electro.
In fact, the beautifully designed e-bike has an almost steampunk feel to it, mostly thanks to its elongated body, tall handlebars, and a low vantage point. It has a slightly bigger front wheel than the 26 inch wheel that is in the rear. The seven kilowatt electric motor is housed in the rear tire, with a 72-volt battery in the middle of the bike that gives the bike a range of 61 miles. It can hit a top speed of nearly 50 mph. The tank that houses all of the electric components is made from carbon fiber, and the bike’s frame is stainless steel. The only bit of color comes from the rear LED indicators, which add a nice bit of flare to the build. 

Source: HiConsumption 

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