Minimal Monuments by Mylène Fernandes

Mylène Fernandes is a 28-year-old self-taught photographer born in France with Portuguese origins. Specializing in travel photography and armed with her camera, she immortalizes the way in which she sees the world along with the small details that surround us. She aspires to transform the mundane and predictable into something invigorating, and to rediscover the “world’s most famous” from different angles. She takes her photographs during different travels and European weekend breaks; she captures colorful details, minimalists’ views and interesting architecture all over the world and of course, in the city of Paris, where she is currently living.

 Her series of photographs; “Minimal monuments” has been feature in numerous web publications in France, Brazil, Poland, UK and Italy. The purpose of the series is to capture photos of monuments around the world with minimal style that depicts the landmark from a different angle with smaller details than we might not normally see. The viewer should be able to recognize the monument, the architecture or its country just by looking at a small part of it. 

Mylène Fernandes