Matrioshka Lamp by Stone Designs

We are not very much in favor of mixing different concepts in one piece, above all because we like clear and categorical ideas so the user can perceive them very fast and without any effort.
But at the same time, when we have two concepts that complement each other and that work like a mechanism, we obtain an incredibly magical result. 

In this particular case, the idea of the matrioshkas provide us the shape and the excuse to create a lamp that investigates filtered light trough different colours that are mixed among them, in the same way as when the ray lights shine through the trees in the woods and reflect all the possible colours, making the space full of life and shades. This is a simple and effective way of discovering and bathing the room with colour and warm light, in a suggestive way which is familiar to us all.
 The shape is simple and clear; three diffusers inspired by matrioshkas dolls, one inside the other. We have made a research with different filters, to see the effect of the light and how it throws the colour on the objects. The power of the chromatic effect and how the objects come to life with the colour make of this lamp a living light, that changes all the time and that mixes colour obtaining countless and different shades.
 It can be appreciated in the sketches how the central piece works as the source of light and the other two pieces make possible the chromatic effect we were looking for.
 The Matrioshka lamp will be lunch by Innermost at Euroluce 2015 

Designed by Stone Designs