LULA: Invisible LED Lamp by David Elgrabli

Lula table lamp designed to help people actually rediscover the experience of interacting with everyday objects, and redefines the relationship between objects and environment. By using this elegant materials Wood and Marble support, could be adapted and customized for different angle positioning as the user wants. powerful Invisible LED passes through the wood and fill your work space with warm and inviting light and creates the perfect atmosphere. The relation to sustainable design is an important issue obviously these days. LULA made from 100% recycled long lasting materials, In addition, its has been designed and manufactured to preserve energy both materials and simple manufacturing process aspects. the use of LED tech draws only 14 watts of power, puts out light that is comparable to a 75 watt incandescent bulb, and it’s designed to be manufactured in Italy from high-quality, durable materials. both soft light and materials complements and contrasts among each other creates its shape and minimalist design, along with brilliant invisible concept, make it the first of its kind. 

Designed by David Elgrabli