LIGHT 5+5 by Oikimus Design

The main idea of the "5+5" lamp is spatial transformation.  Its aim is to create a simple object that would be interesting not only for adults but also for children.  The object is based on a puzzle Rubik's Snake (Rubik Erno, 1970). 
The object comprises 7 elements interconnected by hinges.  A simple joint mechanism allows the parts to be rotated at 360° but they can also be fixed, thus allowing creation of two-or three-dimensional shapes. 
The lamp case is made of plywood.  The light’s source is LEDs laid inside the case illuminating through frosted Plexiglas. 
The "5+5" lamp can be used both in public areas (cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.) and in the residential houses. 
The main feature of the project is its versatility: thanks to its size, practicality and ease of assembly, it can be easily transformed into a table lamp, a wall lamp or even attached to a ceiling. 
Designed by Oikimus Design