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Lado is the name of a Slavic deity of harmony, merriment, youth, love and beauty. /wiki Design of this bed is based on a sense of INTIMACY. Well designed bed should provide primarily COMFORT – not only physical but also psychical. People tend to separate from the crowd and create their private space in everyday environment (choosing a seating visually separated from the rest of a café). We simply want to experience the sense of coziness and our own private space – so why not in our own bed? The headboard with its rounded shape gently separates the bed from surrounding space. It is also "padded" therefore sound-absorbing which is another aspects that adds to the comfort of the sleepers. Though the design of the headboard is a subject to everyone’s taste and fantasy, this particular design is inspired by traditional Slavic folklore motifs and patterns, therefore it hints that we defined the bed and place of origin, shape, visually philosophy. As for used materials, the frame is made form wood with eco-dye finish. On each side are also two small drawers. The design of the bed also inspired the whole set of low and high wardrobe, which also holds the idea of privacy and intimacy. 

Designed by Atelier Prochazka Design