Iron-concrete chess set by Daniel Skoták

Fortify is a chess set that is based on nowadays industrial era. Inspiration comes form the construction of old industrial iron-concrete buildings. Particularly from the area DEPO 2015. Bearing that in mind, combination of concrete and iron was used. I chose the shape of frustum due to the great ergonomic characteristics it has, which include good handling together with ideal stability.

Shapes of the upper parts of the figures are stylised into the most simple forms so the legibility of the figures is maintained. The colour of the upper parts of the figures is dimly white or black. The chessboard is a combination of iron and concrete as well. Dim iron squares are used for the black figures while for the white figures, concrete is used. This way, the whole chessboard appears to be neat and individual squares are easily recognisable. 

Designed by Daniel Skoták