Instacart office in San Francisco by Blitz

Instacart hired Blitz to design their new 46,000 SF office located in the heart of San Francisco to accommodate rapidly growing staff. Their goal in the design of the new space was twofold: to attract and retain talent while manifesting their core values of humbleness and quality. 

Blitz designed a series of custom furniture pieces for the space including standing height produce box tables and an in-office grocery display. The produce box table design took inspiration from vintage produce crates and were created using labels from local historic California farms. The tables, located throughout the office between workstations and

in open collaborative areas, serve as informal working areas for impromptu meetings or private focus work. The grocery display, located adjacent to the branded elevator entrance, offers Instacart products such as fresh fruits and veggies to the staff and pays homage to the grocery shopping experience.  

More info at Blitz website 
Photos by Jasper Sanidad