Truly refreshing and impressive idea comes from talented light designer Vasileios Roumeliotis founder of Roumelight.  His ideas are always unique and creative. This time he show us his "Margarita Strawberry" Light Installation which is perfectly match for your place in these hot summer days. 

Description from Roumelight:

"Music, drinks and a retro touch constitute for this ceiling light fixture creating an instant party mood. While three glowing margarita’s are being served on a turntable playing top hits of the strawberry mix, everyday objects have once again been masterfully integrated into a unique object to light up the mood. This is a ceiling lighting installation. Three MR16 spot leds are used for the lighting. The polycarbonate glasses are garnished with real sugar! The turntable’s needle illuminates the table with the margarita strawberry preparation materials! If you forget the recipe… just look up and you will remember it! 

Photos by Giannis Agelou