Discovering the new amazing company of Italian Design: IDA

Founded by Francesco Santilli, Federico Baldelli and Dario Martelli, IDA ITALIAN DESIGN AGENCY is a London-based company connecting Italy's finest designers international markets.
 The company was founded in summer 2015, when Francesco, Federico and Dario met at a café in the historical center of Rome. They were all living in London and felt that there was an important gap: no one was representing Italy's design excellency abroad. Three days later, the three of them met again in London and founded IDA Italian Design AG Ltd.
 Made in Italy is an internationally recognized definition of style but allowing foreign markets to discover talented Italian designers is a difficult task. Foreign markets tend to have a distorted perception of Italian design, associating it with exclusively existing luxury brands.
Italian design is something more: it is handcraftship, quality, care, passion, tradition and innovation.
 IDA Italian Design Agency covers industrial design, interior design, fashion design and visual design. By partnering with IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Italy's leading school of design, IDA was able to create a pool of more than 100 selected designers (which is growing steadily).
 IDA works in a very simple way: customers can start a contest and Italian designers submit their proposals. The best proposal wins the contests and IDA supervises the work, guaranteeing that all milestones and quality standards are respected.
 At present IDA has a global network of Ambassadors who are responsible for the promotion of the business and established partnerships with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in UK and China.
 The outcome is an innovative service characterized by high quality standards and accessible prices.
 This is the Made in Italy that IDA is exporting worldwide.