Cradle Bath by Atelier Prochazka Design

Getting into a bathtub can be a problem, particularly for elderly people. The aim of the design was to facilitate getting into and out of a bath tub plus using the same space for shower. The bath tub can be easily rotated into vertical position (sideways), using two pivot points, allowing to sit down comfortably and then put the bath back into horizontal position. The rotation system can be either fully automatic, electric or manual. Mechanical lock prevents an accidental sudden swing of the bathtub. The cut-out shape of the sides allows comfortable showering, reduces the effort needed to cross the bath edge and saves space. 
Following the combination of modern design and functionality, I decided to use a new, eco-friendly material - stone composite. It is durable, strong and easy to maintain without chemical cleaners.
Many of the elderly population has joint problems. Therefore getting into the tub can be difficult because of high edges. This simple solution addresses the issue. It enables elderly or somehow disabled people to live full life without limitations. 
The whole process is a unique experience. Both aesthetic and functional. Bathing is an act of relaxation and so it should be. Too much effort may reduce the actual pleasure of this ritual. The seat is both removable and foldable, therefore doesn’t impede. The handle allows to sit up and down easily and enhances the comfort of stability. The whole system is user-friendly and intuitive.