The Classic Racer Cars series has been designed, developed and produce with clear concepts as simplicity and minimalism.
The central piece of the car is made up of certified finnish birch WISA TM plywood*  with 9 m.m. thickness and mass-stained textured phenolic lamination of 1,2 m.m. of thickness. The wheels are made of turned aluminum.
The side pieces are made of natural veneer of certified wood of 1 m.m. of thickness. The wood grain changes in each car making it unique and different. Customizing every car in a random order and unpredictable way.
Each car is absolutely different and individual.
We dedicate the necessary time to each of the pieces. The entire design and production process is carried out in Spain, which allows us to maintain a closer and comprehensive supervision.
We use high-quality and long lasting materials , we join technology along with craftwork . In the manufacturing processes we use CNC and laser cutting machines but also the wood is polished and covered with flaxseed oil manually.
* The WISA TM plywood is environmentally sustainable material.  FSC and PEFC certificates guarantee that the wood raw material comes from sustainably managed forests with legal logging operations.
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