Chernobyl Shelving System by David Elgrabli


" This approach of my works stands behind the idea to give customers the exceptional opportunity to combine esthetic design with a customization of dimensions, colors and surfaces.
 Form follows function? yes! creating furniture that’ll last for long and that’s capable of adapting to any room situation or dimension. ans above all, high standards when it comes to esthetics, functionality and material quality. 
This modular shelf system was created as an homage in the term of Sustainability.  
Chernobyl disaster, a nuclear accident that occurred on 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, was the worst nuclear power plant accident in history in terms of cost and casualties. after that catastrophic, the ecologic question brought to the center of the debate in many fields. 
Any use of the system allows us a full personalization of it, exposing our uniquness and own tastes and style. It can accompany its users for many years and can function as an open wardrobe, a bookcase, or even as a desk. All this as part of a green concept, giving an alternative to modern consumption.
Driven by minimalism and functionality, doesn’t equate to limitations, but instead to esthetics and comfort. By carefully selecting its materials and production sites, my products are able to move further down the path to optimal sustainability.  

Customization mudular furniture is inspired, selected and realized digitally. This method of furnishing goes hand-in-hand with a modern and straightforward lifestyle.