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Canvas is a chair designed to highlight the upholstery on the seat, which works like an embroidery frame to showcase varied materials like pieces of art. Canvas is made of bent Ash wood with unique textile interpretations on the chair seat. The raw edges and visible inside of the upholstery highlights all the beautiful and natural characteristics and craft that traditionally has had a low status and been down-prioritized. 

A few decades ago textile craft was the woman’s area of expertise and a lot of effort was being put into making durable products for the family. Focus lied in making textiles that would last through time, but they were often also very beautifully decorated. Today a lot of knowledge of different craft techniques has been forgotten and most people don’t know how to value the time-consuming art of making a textile weave or a natural tanned leather hide.

Canvas is a tribute to the slow and to the handmade. By using the upholstery in a respectful yet playful way we want to show the authenticity of the material and the craft that lies behind. 

Designed by Stoft Studio  
Photos: Ulrika Kestere