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WKW is a small Asian cuisine cafe and wine bar. We proposed to create an Asian cafe without any specific and obvious traditional Asian details in the interior such as red lanterns, golden elements, or bright carved ornaments. Asian atmosphere is revealed in a subtle and restrained way. Association with the interiors of Asia is developed trough natural textures, bright, but natural color palette, geometrical motives and overall laconic touch.
The main decorative element is multi-functional wall panels "Prokk". A texture and color variety of wooden triangles determines a desired geometry and contains a hidden LED strip, which provides a spectacular background light. Pine plywood with a picturesque texture  is the main decorative material in the interior.
The planning of this small space became a real challenge. It was necessary to separate the bar area and cafe area, while the interior layout had to stay unaltered because of the restrictions applied to the buildings, considered monuments of architecture. The solution came with steel mesh partitions that create all necessary directions, and at the same time look airy and light, just like traditional Japanese sliding screens "shoji" that inspired us. 

Designed by Katia Tolstykh & Maxim Scherbakov