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The collection is inspired by 3D layering texture effect. Improving injection mold technique to create excellent dynamic 3D layering texture materials is my design guideline. My aim is to create new material by pushing the boundaries of traditional injection mold technique, which combines PVC and fabric. Using a stronger press machine instead of a normal one, the process does not need to use glue, because the press machine’s force is very strong, which makes the combination between PVC and fabric extremely stable. Besides, the normal manufacturing process only uses one electric oven to heat mold, which changes PVC from liquid state to solid state, but due to the increase of the texture depth which from 7mm-10mm at least, this makes the injection mold very thick. The traditional method does not work. We used two ovens to heat it, one is above the mold, the other one is under the mold. After these technical improvements, new material, which have unique or unusual surface’s textures 3D effect can be created. 

Chengxu Tian