WETHEKNOT: Portuguese Minimal Brand

wetheknot products are designed to look good and to be used on a daily basis. They want to inspire people to live with few timeless objects that are made to last. This is why quality over quantity is a cornerstone of their ethos and they have no interest in trends or seasonal collections. Social and environmental issues are at the core of wetheknot work. By sourcing local materials, producing as little waste as possible and making their customers think about the impact of their choices, wetheknot aim to find sustainable solutions at every step of production. Their clothes and accessories are handmade in Portugal by local partners that have been collaborating with them for years and that they selected to ensure the highest quality for wetheknot products. They not only contribute in bringing wetheknot design ideas to life, but also — and especially — in helping them grow, thanks to the expertise and craftsmanship of their work. 

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