Step Sport / Shopfitting by Savopoulos

The store is located in the town of Serres, in northern Greece. It occupies a two-storey, V shaped building with a combined area of 560 sqm and stands at the intersection of two busy roads of the city’s centre. The building was completed in 1914 and it served as the house of a local family for many years. Later on, the ground floor was converted into a number of individual shops and the upper floor was left unused. The building’s façade is a listed feature and it was carefully restored to its original appearance and colour palette. The main entrance of the store is located at the tip of the wedge. The ground floor features a large showroom and a long reception/cashier desk. Key parts of the interior wall’s rendering were removed, revealing the original masonry techniques and materials consisting of solid clay bricks, stones and granite. Large scale concrete tiles were used throughout the store, which in combination with the white surfaces and matte black bespoke display components, create a suitable canvas that focuses on the actual merchandise. The all white main staircase features an illuminated balustrade and leads to the core of the upper floor where there are 3 additional showrooms. The original roof structure was maintained with almost all of its original elements, and it was painted white to match the project’s colour theme. The exposed roof structure is celebrated, becoming a key element of the design. 


Architect: Leaf Architects - Teo Gazotzis 
Photos: Leaf Architects