Steak Bar by Leo D’uk Design


" The restaurant is on the second floor of a multi functional complex. Where on the first floor of placing a car wash, on the second floor - restaurant and office space, and the third only the office. The interior combines elements of style loft with soft elegant forms of furniture. The main decoration materials are wood, which is made installation and finishing of the bar, tables, shelves for alcohol mainly decorated walls decorative plaster, simulating the concrete surface, and in some places they painted decoration wooden means of angle sections in black; the floor is covered with ceramic tiles and large windows openings bordered with natural linen curtains. All communications under the ceiling as open and tinted black, which is dominant in this interior. A complement its natural shade trees and green shade is provided as fragments of "living walls" and live plants on racks that divide groups into separate tables section. Lighting - zonal.  " 

Designed by Leo D'uk Design