Haremburn House by Bijl Architecture

Balancing a range of challenging planning, heritage and site restrictions, the Naremburn House manipulates its site through shifting volumes and geometries, playing with light, materials and form to create a house underpinned by an ‘intentional irregularity’. 
A formal re-interpretation of traditional roof forms, such as the Dutch gable and catslide roof, allows a compact streetscape frontage that matches the scale of surrounding properties, while volumetric opportunities offered by the roof form are exploited to provide a useful and capacious floor plan. 
Asymmetry and subtle spatial manipulations are utilised to ensure that scale and proportion are successfully dealt with, from the front door and entry foyer, through to the open plan living spaces, pool and garden areas, and upstairs to the bedrooms and bathrooms.
The centrepiece of the dwelling is a unique sculptural wall installation dubbed the “De-Form Wall”. Bijl Architecture co-designed the wall with AR-MA in an intensive exploration of parametric drawing and scripting, investigating pattern and form by deploying an innovative approach to digital fabrication processes and CNC machining.
 For the owners, the project entails a multitude of finely constructed spaces which form an attractive home that provide delight, interest and robustness for many years to come. The integration of materials through quality workmanship, excellent site management, and consideration of maintenance ensures the longevity and integrity of the original vision of the project. 

Designed by Bijl Architecture 

Photography: Katherine Lu