Coffee – Retail Inshopnia by NAN Arquitectos


The client offered us a different concept. A place where they could live a clothing store and a small cafe space. both naturally came together, and at the same time complement each other. The main element of this project is a central structure that evokes a traditional house, looking for this element effect surprise, while we serve to differentiate the uses of a subtle and smoothly. To help assimilate scaling faux painted desmaterializarlo black roof for seeking to remove references. The customer who enters Inshopnia forget the bustling street where come and find a quiet space, ill-defined, which aims to provide a shopping experience and leisurely tasting. Furniture elements which are inserted into the empty space serve both for display and storage. In the case of the fabric of both the exhibition spaces as testers have a peripheral distribution, forcing a tour around the main character element, the wooden structure, among which the tasting activity and rest unfolds. The materials used in the intervention are not selected for downplaying the goods displayed. Thus, the walls are left in its original state and the ground work is unified with a self-leveling resin. The lighting and furniture reclaiming their relevance and while one brings color consistent with the variety of colors provided by the tissues, the other allows the optimum volume and chromatic perception, also enhancing the aesthetic values ​​and feelings appropriate to the business model. A contradiction that enriches the local perception also appears. In an introspective local environment opens the road to the limit possible, encouraging participation from the bustle outside those who tasted the coffee and inviting entering the busy pedestrians, which are rotated to the sober façade, as the stage shows its interior. 

Designed by NAN Arquitectos