The verbinder is produced out of 100% recycled plastic

The verbinder is invented by Leon Rinne, Andreas Hutter and Michael Schoeninger, three students from the university of applied sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.  This joint can be combined with every 12mm wooden board, which customers can easily find at their local carpenter. It's up to the customer what kind of wood
they use and how they combine it with the joint. Everybody can create their own shelf that
perfectly fits with their budget, room and taste. The joint itself is 40x40x15mm. Minimum 8
joints and 4 wooden boards are needed to create the basic box. This box is expandable as
much as the customer want. With the verbinder shelf joint, sloping roofs or offsets in the
room corner can be compensated. Or a space separation can be built without any
additional tools, the joint just has to be pushed on the wooden boards. There are no limits
in creativity. To strut the boxes, back walls can be easily clamped, if necessary. The
connector itself ensure that they don't fall out of the box. The verbinder is not just a
connector with a pure and iconic shape, it's a symbol that gives another meaning to what
people think as waste. Hopefully, this will let customers behave more responsible about
their daily trash. In the future, the primary material will be obtained through companies with
big amounts of plastic waste, which assure a constant supply. Currently, this project is on
Kickstarter, looking for support to fund a professional injection mold to handle this task. 

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