Modern Apartment in Kiev by Iqosa

For a young man who has exquisite taste in modern design, the apartment in the bustling capital of Ukraine, has been designed. The interior is made in the progressive and the loft-style, combined with a difficult technical stuffing, it allows to emphasize the active life of the vibrant city.
One of the main wishes of the customer was a wide hall. This solution has been achieved by combining the kitchen area and guest rooms. Zoning facilities produced by separating the materials in the kitchen and the hall floor. Large panoramic windows allow you to let in a huge amount of light and visually expand the space.
Attention draws complex architectural form, in which the fluorescent lamps are placed over working kitchen unit. With this interesting solution, the lamps express feature a work in progress concept of future ideas.
An important design element of the room is a special wooden partition in the bedroom. The bed is placed in a cube, so the architects studio was able to focus on clearly defined areas and the resting place of the apartment owner.
The atmosphere recreates a new universe inside the apartment, in which the sense of space and time are lost.​ 

Designed by Iqosa