Wing Sofa designed by Ákos Huber


"Before planning this item of furniture I had a great influence by Nike of Samothrace in the Louvre in Paris. The unworldliness and lightness of the Greek statue amazed me. The dominant element of the space is swaying prettily above the crowds of people. This object influenced my design. The aim is the clear form, the utilisation of the bent wood’s features, and the execution of nice workmanship. To create such a piece, which, besides the demands of everyday use, can become the central element of a place. Its characteristic form makes the Wing Sofa a determining part of homes and common places. The shape is stipulated by the waving form of a cut-in and bent sheet. The sitting face is the string stretching in between the two arches, which keep the face and back-rest up. The flexible ropes ending in a marine knot brace the structure, whilst also giving it free motion. This furniture gives a comfortable seat for two people. The bent, organic form, and the modest tone of the beech wood gives elegance to the sofa. The shape itself gives the user legroom, making it easier to use. The sofa is stackable so it is not so difficult to transport and store as well." 

Designed by Ákos Huber