Wheelight Sport by Vasileios Roumeliotis

Wheelight sport, is the athletic version of the Wheelight Classic, with a yellow background to attach a dynamic and sportive character. It is a wall light installation which offers three different lighting functions. The ceiling and table version is also available but without the background panel. 

A black core in the interior of the wheel is created when the peripheral ring lighting is switched on alone. In this way the message conveyed by the lighting construction becomes more noticeable (erasing pessimism illuminating dynamism). The distinctive light coming through the reflection on the construction’s back side creates a warm yellow color perfect for relaxation. 

More light may be added in your space according to your needs by switching on the inner ring formed by the seventeen dimmable G4 lamps. When this is accompanied with the light of the peripheral ring then we have a third illumination effect. This way wheelight sport can be used variously for architectural or decorative lighting. 

Designed by Vasileios Roumeliotis from Roumelight 
Photos by Giannis Aggelou