TURISTO map | Pin your memories

TURISTO map is a professional quality world map – a handmade one piece work of art – designed for pinning and ready-to-hang. Geographically accurate data (up to 2021) and detailed 3-D rendered shaded relief terrain makes this map truly impressive. Impeccable Giclée print quality along with professional Canon printer and unique LUCIA PRO ink system allows to provide a highly durable prints that can last for almost 100 years.

We use only natural materials in our production. The natural wood underframe allows to have a solid but at the same time lightweight construction. The natural cork board covers the entire surface of the map, so you can pin it anywhere you want and be sure the pins will hold firmly.

We also use one of the best canvases in the world, made from a high-quality 100% pure cotton canvas base coated with new advanced microporous coating technology, allowing you to enjoy exceptional map quality as if it were an exclusive work of art in a museum.

3 different sizes, two different styles, 22 different designs, thousands of settlements, hundreds of national parks, and the most visited places in the world – and all this just for you.

Don’t let your travel memories disappear – pin them!

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