Trobla: A Wooden Amplifier by Tok Tok

Designer description: 

"We have developed a product whose function lies in its simplicity and sustainability. With no complex technology involved, all emphasis is centered on quality sound. And, you don’t need an app for that. We designed and tested multiple prototypes to make our amplifier live up to its name. Trobla is the Slovenian word for horn, and we want to orchestrate the best sound a horn can produce. The secret lies in getting it to come out as smooth as possible from your smartphone through the amp. We used a cone to keep tones sharp and created a special chamber to enhance the stereophony and low frequencies. Trobla is made to be adaptable to the diversity of smartphones available today and in the future. By focusing on devices with speakers on the bottom, we developed a system of detachable pieces (adapters) that can be easily interchanged to fit different generations of iPhone or other smartphone models. 

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