Time Machine Watch Winders

Time Machine Watch Winder is the result of almost four years of research, design, and development. During that process, nothing was left to coincidence, and no compromises were made. The end result is a beautifully designed watch winder full of technological advantages that set the benchmark on the market.  desnahemisfera design studio created a product for watch enthusiasts who appreciate great attention to detail and a beautiful design that stands the test of time. The result is a watch winder with an elegant and intricate design made from premium materials and powered by an app to ensure a seamless and convenient watch winding experience.

The Time Machine app, designed specifically for watches and watch winders, helps you keep your timepieces in top shape from long-term to daily use. With the app, you can group watch winders into sets, assign watches to watch winders and create custom winding profiles for each timepiece on separate watch winders. You can name the sets according to your living room or bedroom to make it easier to find the relevant information. The 15000 watch database includes all the popular brands, sought-after vintage watches, limited editions, and even the designs you've always dreamed of but could never find. In other words, Time Machine has the solution for every watch owner.All the winders you own connect to a Bluetooth network via the Time Machine app. This means you can access the overview and settings of all your winders with a tap of your finger. The setups offer various assembly options. You can upgrade some of the stands to suit your needs so that the stands can keep up with the growth of your watch collection. Both Double Base And Double Base Plus offer the possibility to hold up to three winders. The Wall Mount is where your creativity can reach its full potential. Every Time Machine Watch Winder comes with a wall mount plate that gives you an option to mount any number of winders on a wall. Using the interlocking piece, you can now create your setup in an endless variety of patterns.

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Designed by DESNAHEMISFERA design studio.