The Fink Side Table: From Disposable To Durable

We’ve all been there. It’s August. It’s hot. You’re moving apartments. You’ve sold what you could and curbed what you couldn’t. Your bookshelves, your bed frame, your side table were all easy enough to bring in to the apartment– arriving neatly packed in a flat box. Now you have to move them to your next apartment fully constructed. And with each move, your furniture gets more and more rickety, until finally it makes the inevitable trip to the landfill and you make the inevitable shopping trip to buy it all again. 

Does it really have to be that way? Imagine if you could take this furniture apart again, and reassemble it an infinite number of times with no loss of structural integrity. Furniture that only needs to be purchased once. Furniture that never needs to be disposed of and will be with you for the long haul. 

Enter Fink Furniture– a design studio producing objects that compliment the modern lifestyle. Fink believes furniture should be beautiful, functional, durable, and easy to move. By using slotted joints, Fink introduces the first in a series of what they are calling “flat-pack, flat-unpack” furniture.

Made of three slotted steel panels, the Fink Side Table ships completely flat, requires zero hardware to assemble, and can be put together and taken apart repeatedly without hassle. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the powder coated steel holds up to the elements, cleaning products, and daily wear and tear.

With the slide of a pin, the Fink Side Table completely disassembles, returning to its original flat configuration. This is important for a society that is career-fluid and increasingly willing to relocate for jobs and life events. 

The table is made to last for generations. But if disposal is ever necessary, the steel panels can be recycled.

“These days, it takes a long time before people plant themselves in their forever homes. For people who are frequent resettlers, but want their belongings to be durable and permanent fixtures in their lives, the Fink Side Table is perfect” says Hannah Fink, founder of Fink Furniture.

The Fink Side Table is available on Kickstarter from now until August 23rd.”